I Love Food

There it is. I love food.

I really enjoy most types of food. I like to think I'm an adventurous eater, based on the fact that I am able to eat a variety of foods. But in reality, my husband is the more adventurous one. After all, he tried haggis. And pig's feet.

Full disclosure: I was fighting off some pretty intense dehydration when faced with pig's feet, so I was eating all the raw fruits and veggies I could find. I tell myself I would have, otherwise, tried them. Don't judge…it gets me through the night.

I haven't met a cuisine I couldn't bear. And no matter how much grief the English get for bland food, our last trip to England found us choosing pub fare over many pricier options and we were never disappointed and almost always pleasantly surprised.

Italian…pasta, seafood, real pizza, and gelato. It's the stuff of joyful life. Italy is home to food porn.

Lebanese has so many varied flavors that hit your taste buds that it takes time to savor each bite. I have always been a ridiculously fast eater. Lebanese food makes me slow down. I want to roll each bite around my mouth to discover the layers of seasonings. I want to feel the textures of the grains, meats and vegetables.

I tried Greek food when I was very young. I loved the meats and loathed the vegetables. Thank goodness I grew up and kept trying the food. I will put creamy Tzatziki on anything now. Especially lamb or Greek chicken. I wish I had the patience to learn to make my own Spanikopita. Instead, I seek out Greek Festivals just for the food. Do they have anything else at a Greek festival?

Ethiopian, Turkish, German, Russian, and Spanish cuisines all pique my interest. I love to eat.

I really wish I could create varied meals from around the world. But I'm not a chef. I can follow a recipe pretty effectively, but I rarely "whip something up" for a meal. And I never see a food item and think, "Yes! I know just what to do with that!"

Never happens.

This means I eat out. Not often…but not rarely, either. Husband and I have always made food a major part of our travels. We don't get McDonald's in Budapest. We try goulash at four different places to decide whose is best. Again, full disclosure: we did hit a McDonald's in…Rome? Belgium? Somewhere Europe. But it was for the joy of ordering a Royale with cheese and a beer.

The kid adds a new dimension to the food adventures. Sometimes he surprises us with his willingness to try things, like escargot at a French restaurant we love. Other times, his daring stops at chicken strips. But we are trying to instill in him a passion for trying food.

Food brings me joy. I think this space of mine might lend itself to that joy.

And maybe more. Because I do love to travel.
We shall see.


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