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We Moved to Germany!

So, that happened. We lived here before, but it was 17 years and a 12-year-old ago.

Live is an adventure. Sure, there are toilets to clean and jobs to show up for, but in between? Why not position yourself to take advantage of all that could be? That means different things to everyone. My answer is placing myself in the best position for travel and eating. Thankfully, the husband and kid bought into that idea. And now we live in Germany.

Getting here was annoying and stressful and I never stopped doubting the entire thing until our first trip. It was just a short day-trip to Cochem. And the kid was enthralled. Which brought deep welling of joy up through my soul. And then we hit Bernkastel Kues. Oberammergau. Boullion in Belgium. Paris. It's been four months...I hope we don't burn out.

Every trip meant new food and adventures. The kid hasn't met a hill he won't climb and a castle he will leave unexplored.

And here I am. Writing again until I get a job. Maybe even after…

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