Salami and cake

I like food. A lot. There are few foods I won't eat. Even fewer I won't eat in large quantities. There are some folks who burn out on things if they eat them too often. Not me. My husband prefers not to have the same kind of thing twice in one day, or even two days in a row. I could eat a burger (ground beef) for lunch, and then easily have steak or beef stew for dinner.

"That much beef is bad for your heart!" they shout. I know, they, but it's sooooo good.

As a reformed no-eat-the-red-meat eater, I'm just making up for lost time. I saw a t-shirt the other day that made me laugh. It said,

Meat is Murder.
Tasty, tasty murder.

mmmmm. Yeah. I celebrate the discovery of new tastes and love to try the things I used to hate. I HATED Bleu Cheese until I tried it again after hating it for over 20 years. A dear, cheese-loving friend pointed out that I was eating all of the other stinky cheeses, and asked why I was giving the Bleu the cold shoulder. I didn't have an answer, so I tried it. And now, again, I am making up for lost time. YUM! I still can't do Bleu Cheese dressing (except for homemade...bliss), but I keep crumbled Bleu Cheese in the frige and use it in everything from eggs to salads to topping off my steak.

Note to self: stop complaining about being 10 pounds overweight. You're lucky you can make it out the door!

Well, you can imagine my distress when our son turned out to be a picky eater. So sad. Devastating. I purposefully ate a very varied diet while I was knocked up, and all through nursing just for him. Oh, who am I kidding, it was all for me, but I thought for sure it would let him be more open to a variety of foods. But no. Not our boy.

For the longest time, all he would eat was bread with butter. He would be a vegetarian if we would let him. And I totally would let him if he ate anything with protein! But over the last few months, I am happy to see him branching out. I think the fact that we will let him put ketchup or Ranch on anything he wants helped. He finally started eating eggs, with ketchup. And today he even tasted salami. He didn't hate it.

Though, now that I think about it, I may not be setting too great an example. I did follow my salami and cheese (yum!) with leftover chocolate cake. It was really good cake...from a local baker. And no one likes salami burps. Everybody likes cake burps.


i can eat the same thing everyday just because it's easier that way. I spend a lot of time on food, buying it preparing meals (Ok not that much here) cleaning it up. Sometimes I wish we could just breathe air and that would be enough.
JAMen said…
but air doesn't TASTE so good. I love food for all of its unique attributes.

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